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Foundation of the firm of Köhler Präzision

1977 Removal of business to the present location of Obergünzburg / Germany

1987 Foundation of Columbus Systeme

1994 New commercial premises with production hall

1999 Extension of the production area

2001 New manufacturing method "Adiabatic cutting"

2004 New manufacturing method "Double-Face-Grinding"

2005 Change of Company name from "Columbus Systeme" to " Coprotec

2006 Expansion of our new manufacturing method "Adiabatic cutting" up to
           diameters of 50mm

2008 Expansion of grinding technology in sector "Double-Face-Grinding and
          Centerless Grinding"

2008 Build of new production plant in Bosnia-Herzegovina with certification
           according to DIN EN ISO 9001

2008 Expansion of the ISO/TS16949 certification in ObergŁnzburg regarding
           to the ISO14001 and OHAS18001

2009 Expansion of the grinding technology and adiabatic cutting

2011 Restructuring of final inspection areas, storage area and grounds.

2012 Expansion adiabatic cutting and 100% automatic testing

2014 Expansion of the grinding technology and adiabatic cutting

 Business management
 Business manager and owner: Mr. Klaus Köhler
 Annual turnover
 approx. 12,50 Mio. Euro (plan 2014)
 approx. 85
Fields of business

• Automobile industry • mechanical engineering • linear systems • aircraft industry • medical technology • motorcyle industry • others